Friday, September 17, 2010

Hexagon Progress

Originally uploaded by nkiblueeyes
I've been using a template that makes hexagons that are a little smaller than 1 inch, but I think I'm going to switch gears and start making 1 inch ones. Seems like that's a standard size that I could use and I could swap with other people to get more variety.

I will probably use these to embellish other projects, though. I love making hexagons.


  1. Hey Nik, I think swapping hexes already made might prove to be a problem. Everybody's printers are going to shrink the templates a little differently and they possibly won't fit just right with someone else's. Maybe we should just swap 2.5" squares.......

  2. Either way. Some people on our handsome hexie group swap them. Would be worth experimenting with, maybe.