Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm At It Again

So these days I am finding myself sitting in the car rider line and in various doctor's offices and therapy clinics twiddling my thumbs.  I made up a couple kits filled with hexagons to keep nearby and they're multiplying!  I'm really enjoying making these & wondering why I ever stopped.  The ones below will be appliqued onto purses or bags or something.  I've started a new secret project of hexagons that I'll finish sometime this fall.  After that, I am pretty sure I'm going to start on a quilt of 1 inch hexies with no repeats.  Won't that be a fun project!?!  Will do them at random first in rows (like the last picture below) and then stitch them together.  All by hand.  And I'm not in a hurry to finish it.  Might take me years, but that's ok.  1 inch ones are a good size for a quilt, I think.  To me, the 2 inch ones are a little big.  Yes, they'd go faster, but I like the look of the small hexagons because they're dainty.  I'm always drawn to geometric designs.  These it so nicely into that category.  Making hexagons used to take me a LOT longer but now I'm getting quicker and more efficient.  I use applique pins (they're tiny and sharp) to hold the paper in place until I get a couple corners basted.  I like this method more than glue sticks or other techniques.  Are you guys making hexies these days?  If not, think about joining me!  Let's get inspired!