Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Practicing with my new foot

I've got a bunch of hexagons basted, but lack the time and patience currently to stitch them together.

I have a new foot that helps me to do lots of curvy stuff, so I'm practicing with it.

Decided to try stitching hexies down with it. I didn't applique them on... didn't even sew them together. I just took the paper out, snipped the basting stitches, ironed each of them well, shot them with some spray adhesive and went to town.

I'm not too disappointed with it. I think next time, I'll use my walking foot or maybe a zipper foot to outline them (stitch just inside the hexagon to sew them down individually) one at a time.

Mostly this little experiment was to play around with my new foot.

I got the #55 leather roller foot from Jamie at Bernina. Love it.

I realized tonight after doing a bit of online research that I should've moved the needle over so that it sews RIGHT next to the wheel. Will try again tonight that way.

Might even play around with some hexies, too!

1 comment:

  1. That looks like fun! I've never seen that wheel foot before. I think you are going to enjoy it!